At the recent face to face workshops we clarified what is required in terms of a "resource". You are required to identify an issue to do with flexible learning (eg. Vida is looking at copyright in the use of software and the preparation of resources. Ruth is looking at format difficulties in word processor generated texts. Others have talked about Internet access for students, and strategies for encouraging engagement online). From the issue you have identified you are to prepare a resource that helps explain the issue and/or the solution. (So Vida has typed up a blog entry and is creating a video, Ruth will likely type up a step by step how to.. etc).

After clarification of this assignment we then started talking about how to plan for developing flexibility into a course or programme. We focused on how the process of development is applied in Otago Polytechnic. Below is a flow chart depicting that process. Here is a small 1 meg audio file to go with that chart. Hopefully these two resources help to explain the process for those who could not be there for the face to face meeting. Feed back from that meeting tells us it was helpful to see and understand the context and steps in this process. We are suggesting that you use part of this process for your forth and final assignment - developing a plan for flexible teaching and learning in your field.

Bronwyn should be adding resources to the BlackBoard course shortly to help with general considerations such as aligning plans to student profiles, thinking about content , activities , communication and assessments.


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