Welcome to all the newcomers to Designing for Flexible Learning Development.

Bookmark this website. It is where new info, updates, reminders, roundups and links will be posted. It is actually a weblog. Just like the one you've been asked to start.

Notice the links on the right? I'll chuck them under here as well:

  1. eMail list - where you can join, manage your membership and change delivery settings for group email relating to this course
  2. Wiki learning resources - Information to get you started on the topics
  3. Blackboard Learning Management System - For you to experience an LMS (note - you will need a login to access this site)
  4. The course outline - Just in case you need a reminder on what you're doing here.

It may interest you to go back through this website's archive and read the postings for the previous course. In them you will find links to previous student's weblogs and other contributions.

So, get to know those links, browse the info in them, and we look forward to hearing from you in the comments here, on the email list there, or in our first face to face meeting in H Block of Otago Polytechnic's 4th St Campus on Wednesday morning the 14th of February (that's Val's day!!). Please come prepared to discuss and investigate what flexible learning is.

If you can't make it that day but can be on an Internet computer, contact us and we'll arrange for you to join in via video web conference.


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