Hi there DFLP. I've been away in Vancouver for talks about Wikieducator, and Sydney presenting on Networked Learning. Now sick with a bug and still all out of whack with the sleep patterns. Its now 3.20am and I'm updating DFLP - there is clearly something very wrong here...

But I'm very glad I did take a look at DFLP. DaveM has had an important ah-ha! moment and posted about it to his blog. Dave's blog is turning into a model DFLP blog and starting to look more like his personal blog into these things rather than simply a DFLP assignment he begrudgingly does :) He references other good DFLP blogs too, so check it out and see if its you!

And Emma Driver is on the scene with an excellent personal account of what flexible learning is!

Flexible learning is yourself being able to make changes easily according to the situation as you are learning. You can decide on how you place your time to fit around your lifestyle, and decide yourself when you need to start projects to be finished in time.
I think that might be the cleanest, most succinct definition I have read yet. It seems to come naturally to the Community Learning Centre facilitators.

JacquieH is almost home and hosed embedding youtube videos into her wordpress blog - see my comment J... you are almost there!


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