A great post from Jacquie telling the story of her learning journey in DFLP so far. This post will be very useful for her assessment in DFLP. Both Jacquie and the facilitators will be able to sit down around this post and really go through it as a kind of pivotal reflection moment in the course. I for one am surprised at the amount of technology we actually do encounter in this course... I always knew technology plays a big part in affording flexibility in education, but through Jacquie's post I see just how much our work is determined by technology - especially when teachers (and learners) are on the other side of that digital divide... Hats off to Jacquie for posting this and being brave enough to persist past her barriers. Jacquie has followed up with a number of short posts since, including a very handy teacher training resource from Toronto.

Rachel has posted her thoughts on the Pay Attention video. Some of you may have noticed the CO took a shining to this video and sent it around in his weekly update last week... hopefully some day that weekly update will be a blog/video/podcasts or something, cause I know I have difficulty maintaining the drive to read emails with attachments...

Jacquie also mentioned that she had trouble watching the RSS in Plain English video. (That link points to a YouTube version). As with all video, it is a larger than average file to download and should not play straight away. YouTube movies are set to start playing straight away because the Americans apparently have amazing broadband! In NZ our bandwidth is pretty poor so when a YouTube movie starts playing straight away, it will stop because not enough of the movie has preloaded. This will result in a very stutted viewing experience as the movie plays a bit, stops for a while, then plays a bit more. Terrible. What you need to do is press pause. With the movie paused you wait a while for the movie to preload, go check an email or something, give it a few minutes to load ahead. When you come back, you should notice that some or all of the play bar has turned red. This indicates that some or all of the movie has loaded and can be played through without stopping.

So, we will all be meeting face to face soon! May 23rd I have down. Only a few of us have kept up with blogging and tagging resources so those who haven't kept up with it - we really don't have a clue what you're up to!! See if you can get one post into your blog and tell us what you're up to, what you've read, heard or thought about the idea of flexible learning. That way we'll have something more progressed to talk about on the 23rd.


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