Well, I think we have to acknowledge Rachel's efforts for DFLP these past few weeks. She is really turning out a model blog for this course. Especially this week after posting a rippa summary of what she is thinking about, what she is planning to do, and by when.

...this post aims to collate some resources, and as I get through them I will update this entry with my comments/reflections.

Rachel has picked out and listed a few resources from the DFLP delicious tag that she aims to have read before our face to face meeting on 23rd May (NZ time). That's certainly a good thing to be doing if you are aiming to get the most out of these rare face to face opportunities.

Prompted by Rachel's post, I'm going to try and find some info relating to actual design of flexible learning, even though most of my research has to do with self directed and socially constructed learning, so the idea of someone designing learning is a bit outside my normal frame of reference... (I didn't name this course ;) But the challenge is there, so I'll try and find readings and other resources that may be useful for Rachel and others who are up to their planning project. If I find anything I'll tag them back to our Delicious list. Hopefully others will do the same.

Why is Rachel's blog a model blog? In my view it is starting to shape up a picture of a self directed learner, linking out to resources that are relevant, speaking personally about goals, problems and ideas, and seems to be regular in new postings - which indicates that Rachel may have found a way to integrate blogging into her daily routines. It still refers to the DFLP course however, and to the suggested timeline. This is fine of course, and totally understandable - but flexible learning (and designing for such a thing) is clearly a long term process, something to be tried and tested, and tried again, and "doing" this course would not be the end of that investigation. So hopefully Rachel's blog will start to run independently of the DFLP course, start to point to and mention things that are not determined by the suggested due dates and course related activities, and most importantly perhaps, start referring to other journals for flexible learning development in her subject area - and entering into dialogue with people outside the DFLP nest...

All this is beginning to show in Rachel's blogging, which makes it a model blog for DFLP participants at the moment, and a very important resource for future participants in DFLP.


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