Seeing as some of us are attempting to draw some closure to our participation in DFLP I thought it might be useful to point to Rachel's blog. Rachel has posted her final work to her blog and it might be a useful reference for others trying to finish off assessment projects.

It Would be great to see some feedback going to Rachel from others in this course regarding her draft plan... ;)

One thing that hasn't succeeded very well in this instance of the DFLP course is our attempts to generate a socially constructed learning space through individual blogging - a sustained discussion through each other's blogs. I suspect that everyone has been too busy just remembering to get something on their own blog, let alone looking at others and commenting or posting about other's work.. and it was only when such a thing was "assigned", that we saw comments and cross linking occurring to any measure.. not to worry, I think we all grasped the idea at least - and you can certainly discover it in other informal online learning networks.

I hope many of us will continue to use our blogs as a place to make notes and keep each other in the loop with what we're doing and thinking about in education generally, or flexible learning specifically. It would be great to see a bit of an alumni building and staying loosely connected to the course and the new participants.

Thanks for taking part in the second running of the course, I hope you'll stay tunned.


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