I have had a suggestion from Daniel for topics to be covered in the face-to-face session on 30 August 3-5 pm in H318.

  • Assessment outline and discussion on learning weblog,
    • once set up where to from here.
  • Reference list, how to use it and teaching resources.
  • This could then lead in to another meeting in which we could cover the flexible learning plan, again discussion and ideas.
At this stage you should all be thinking about your teaching resource and recording your ideas on your blogs. If you are not sure what to do, have a look at the teaching resources created by people who finished the course in semester one. They can all be found via participant blogs listed on the course blog menu.

Rachel (using Camstudio) and jacquie (Youtube videos for teaching). These are on their blogs as a separate link in the menu at the side. Tania also has some very nice Youtube video resources she has created on her blog - you will need to scrolll down to find them. Matt also has an interesting teaching resource on his blog with before and after Power Points - how to construct a Powerpoint for teaching. Lyn was working on a Camstudio-created video clip as well but it is not as easily found.

Stuff to do next
Whether you are coming to the face-to-face session on 30 August, or not please make sure you post some initial thoughts about your teaching resource on your blogs by then. They can be rough and you can start to get feedback from the group. You may also have been doing some reading which you could comment on on your blogs. When you do post to your blog, it would be great if you could send a message to the group on the email. flexiblelearningpractice@googlegroups.com

It will help keep everyone in the loop and is a good way to encourage people to read your blog and make some comments.


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