Are ready to go to the finish line? Santa is waiting at the end with goodies.

Remember to use the DFLP email to ask questions - we have alumni now who can also give suggestions and feedback on your ideas.

Here are some things you can be doing to get finished:

  • Keep reading and investigating flexible learning - write reflections on this in your weblog/journal
  • Talk to others in the class
  • post ideas to your blog or journal - assessment one - if keeping a journal, perhaps post a summary to your blog so others in the course and our alumni can communicate with you
  • read and comment on others' ideas on their blogs - 10 min out of your day can make another person's day when they read your comment
  • participant blogs are linked here on the course blog
  • Create the teaching resource - assessment two
  • keep adding to your reference list - assessment three
  • start preparing the design plan - assessment four - use the template - on the course wiki - you can also access the wiki from the course blog & the template is under the heading Planning for flexible teaching and learning
  • talk to colleagues about your plans


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