There will be a web conference on Elluminate ( on Tuesday 11 March 4- pm. This will be an opportunity for those of you who missed the face-to-face meeting to say hello to one of the facilitators (Bronwyn) and meet others in the class. Anyone who attended the workshop is also very welcome to attend.

This is a facility being used by lots of people in the polytechnic to communicate with off-campus students and distance teachers as well as for meetings - saves $ on travel. By using it in this course you will become familiar with the software, and find out if it could be useful for your students or for meetings with colleagues off-site.

Note: The meeting link will be open from 9am Saturday morning (8 March) so you can test it out.

  • It will stay live until the meeting on Tuesday.
  • You will need Java on your computer - download from
  • Allow time for Elluminate to download (allow up to 60 min on dial up).
  • A headset with microphone is ideal so you can speak but you can also use the chat facility.
It will be very low key and you will get an opportunity to chat to each other and ask questions - it would also be good to meet more of you.

We can also have a bit of a chat around the Week Two topic: What is Flexible Learning? AND the questions: This will give you a bit of a head start with something to post to your blogs.

  • Is flexible learning a new concept or just a fancy new word for an old way of doing?
  • What are you already doing in your practice that you believe enables flexible learning?
Talk to you soon.


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