This week Terry Marler, from the Educational Development Centre, Otago Polytechnic, is going to do a short 10-15 minute presentation about Distance learning for veterinary nurses. The model he will tell us about also uses part time, block and blended options.

Date: 9 April - 3.30 - 4.30 pm on a web conference using Elluminate. Click on the meeting link ( - it is open now for you to test it from your computer. You will need a headset and microphone, or stand-alone microphone or you can just listen and use the chat facility. If accessing from home you may need to download Java onto your computer, (download here), and allow plenty of time for the meeting to open - up to an hour on dial-up. After that it should be a reasonable connection regardless of your Internet connection.

Wk 5: Examples of Flexible Learning - part time, block, blended

Many institutions have their roots in offering part time courses to the community and industry. Many have developed predominant services around full time training however - a trend that is driving the push for flexible learning development. For example, industry training conducted in the evenings and a few nights a week, or a few days a week, courses over the weekends, or intensive training over a focused period of time at a specific location. Sometimes a combination is used with various levels of online access and support.

To do

  1. Investigate the history of Otago Polytechnic or another educational institution and determine what relationship it has had with part time training services in the past.
  2. Read the article by Ellis, R. A., Steed, A. F. and Applebee, A. C. (2006). Teacher conceptions of blended learning, blended teaching and associations with approaches to design. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 22(3), 312-335.
  3. Post to your blog the following:
  • your own impressions of an historical context for flexible learning generally;
  • comment on how you think flexible learning exists today and where you see it is heading in the future.

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