Many educational organisations are making their course materials freely accessible to anyone on the Internet. Some are using publicly accessible and editable web services to publish and maintain those course materials. Others are accepting free and open access to teaching and learning services in the courses themselves and then offering fee paid services for assessment and certification.

To do

  1. Read the articles: Can OER Really Impact Higher Education and Human Development? by Christine Geith for PennState World Campus 2008.
  2. Listen to this recording of Willie Campbell and others talking this week about the practice of assessing prior learning and how it is being used for more flexibility in the education process at Otago Polytechnic. Note that the recording is of an Elluminate web conference. Audio only will be available soon
  3. Spend an hour or so browsing through some of the extra resources around the concept of networked learning.
  4. Write to your blog a response to the following: Do you think open and networked education threatens or enhances formal education generally? Try to use evidence or references to back your statements.
  5. Also, now might be a good time to start preparing for the production of your presentation assignment. Post to your blog any ideas you have for your presentation. Explain how you would like to produce your presentation and identify skills you currently have and skills will need to develop to produce this presentation. (If you have questions, post them to your blog also).

Extra resources


  1. Bronwyn hegarty said...

    hello Leigh
    Have you sent out notification of Willie Campbell's presentation on the group email?

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