This week the course schedule is guiding you towards the many ways you can get financial support for flexible learning developments. Some organisations provide contestable funds for innovations, others include it in the money allocated to departments, and others distribute money for development according to strategic priorities.

What does your organisation do to fund FL?

Since the advent of eLearning nationally in Australia and New Zealand, there have been lots of funding opportunities. For example, in Australia, The Flexible Learning Framework was predominant, and in New Zealand a lot of money was poured into the eLearning Collaborative Development Fund (eCDF) and the Innovation Development Fund (IDF). At the moment the closest fund to these is administered by the Tertiary Education Commission - TEO Component Funding - encouraging and supporting innovation.

Part of your brief in this course is to identify funding opportunities that could be appropriate for your plan (assignment 3). You are asked to write to your blog a brief outline of how you would apply for funding and incorporate it into your overall development. Remember to include notes of funding opportunities in your presentation (assignment 2) and in your plan (assignment 3).


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