For some of you this week is getting close to the finishing line. Even if you are taking the pace more slowly, the presentation session this week will be very useful and your class mates will need your input. See this as a celebration and sharing of your ideas for flexible learning.

Presentation session:
Friday 20 June, 10.00-12.00, H206a/b - H block.

If you will be presenting your draft plans and gathering feedback please make sure we know so a list of speakers can be drawn up, and it will also help us with organising refreshments. If you can only attend part of the session, this is fine, just make sure we know so you can have a slot to present.

To do

  1. Invite colleagues who may be interested in your plan;
  2. Notify others about the link to your presentation on your blog - unless you have negotiated other arrangements;
  3. Gather feedback on your plan you are presenting, for example, you may wish to do this via:
  • a poll on your blog;
  • an online survey;
  • feedback in a face-to-face meeting;
  • discussion with colleagues.


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