Hello everyone. Wow time flies!.. we have a meeting this Friday 29 May at 3pm NZ time (that's 3am UTC for anyone international). The meeting will be both face to face (EDC Office in H100 of Otago Polytechnic's Forth St Campus) and on the Elluminate web conference space (meeting link).

Kate Timms and myself will talk about cultural and equity considerations, and Anna Hughes will have a pre recorded presentation about sustainablity for us to watch and discuss in the meeting.. and on our blogs of course :) Each presentation will go for less than 10 minutes each, followed by at least 10 minutes discussion. The entire meeting should go no longer than an hour and a half, finishing at 4.30pm.

So I hope you can make the time to join us either face to face or online. Otherwise the meeting will be recorded for access at a time that suites you.


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