At this stage you all should be well into composing your presentation about your own flexible learning plan. Remember, your plan should cover each topic that we have gone over in the course so far. If you need to review the topics or have a closer look at the presentation requirements, see the wiki.

When composing your plan, it would be beneficial if it were posted in a web-based format. Some suggestions for how to do this include:

• A slide presentation with supporting audio published on a popular media sharing network (ie. or
• Youtube with a webcam on yourself.
• Audio recording of yourself loaded to and/or
• A video recording of yourself giving the presentation, and loaded to Google Videos
• A recorded web conference ( or a recorded web presentation (ie.

Ideally, we would like to hold a class mini conference later this month where each of you can present your plan and receive feedback from the class. We will be sending out an email about a date and time for the mini conference, and we will be talking about it at this week's class meetings, but in the mean time, we need you to start thinking about a time when you can present your plan, even if it is only in draft form.
Remember, you can send your draft ideas through to us on email if you wish to get some feedback before the mini-conference or before posting them to your blogs.

Class meetings:


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