Several participants met recently to discuss topics for Assessment Two. Access and equity, diversity, cultural sensitivity and strategies for flexible learning; as well as thinking about what flexible learning actually is. Everyone got into the speed chatting exercise where they had to talk for 3 minutes about each topic - with a different "date" for each topic. The face-to-face discussion was in lieu of the online discussion, but people can also use some of their online contributions if they already contributed. Assessment Two is a reflection of what was learned about the topics from participating in the discussion. A date was set for submission for the group who participated in the f2f discussion - 16 August. Of course this can be flexible.

The image depicts a summary of some of the main points from the speed chatting discussion. For example:
  • Support is key especially where technology is involved.
  • Getting to know your learners, their existing knowledge and abilities, and their preferences for learning. 
  • Understanding some of the issues which might block access to learning, e.g., gender, in health courses which are predominantly female. 
  • One size does not fit all.
  • Access to learning can be enabled by using inclusive practices which are equitable, and take account of diversity in ability and knowledge, and social circumstances.


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