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In the Flexible Learning class session today we did a recap on what was covered in the course, and people discussed their progress. Each person also shared what they were doing in their teaching as a basis for developing the Flexible Learning plan.  The recordings of the session have been put on Dropbox, as mp3 files and you should have received invitations to the folder.

Please use the template provided for the Flexible Learning Plan - Assessment Three  (this is in the course outline and has been sent out previously - request another if you need it) to figure out your ideas for your plan, get feedback from colleagues or peers in the class (if there is time), and ask me to give you feedback before you present.

People who are ready will present their Flexible learning plans in the final class session on Thursday 9 December (not 7 Dec as previously advertised) 10:00 - 12:30 in H312.  You can present using Powerpoint or other slide presentation, e.g., slideshare, or talk without props. If you need an extension, please get in touch asap.  Even if you are not presenting it would be great if you could attend to support the others.

Your presentation is Assessment Three, not the information you write on the template, unless we have negotiated this.  Your presentation will be marked on the assessment three criteria (Assessment three: Present your final Flexible Learning Plan), and these are aligned with the Flexible Learning Plan template instructions.  Please use the resources on the course wiki under each of the topics to assist with your plans. You do not need to hand in anything written afterwards unless I make this request due to your presentation not achieving a pass.

Organisational documents such as the Charter and strategic directions for flexible learning can be found in the resources on the course wiki - Educational Organisations.


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