Sarah Stewart, Educational Developer and Midwifery Educator
Guess who is coming to talk to us this week? Sarah Stewart has kindly agreed to present in the web conference on Thursday 17 March - 15:00 to 16:30. Sarah will be speaking about her experiences with flexible learning, in particular the facilitation of online communities of practice. Sarah is an innovative online educator, midwifery educator and educational developer, and it gives me great pleasure to introduce her.

This week we are exploring different types of Flexible Learning ( Examples of Flexible Learning ). In the Wednesday workshop we will be looking at a range of approaches used at Otago Polytechnic.  I will prepare a summary of this session later on in the week. You are welcome to attend both the face to face and the online session, or access the recording of the web conference if unable to attend in person.This week's activity is a chance for you to talk to others about their work. Be sure and check out the readings as well for this week's topic: Examples of Flexible Learning

Activity Three – Investigate and describe an example of Flexible Learning in your organisation:

  • Make a time to talk to two colleagues about how they incorporate flexibility in their teaching.
  • Who are their students?
  • How are the five dimensions of flexibility designed - time, delivery and logistics, entry requirements, content and instructional approaches and resources (Casey & Wilson, 2005)?
  • You may wish to interview the teachers, and/or prepare a description to post to your blog. (Remember to ask permission to use any audio or other information on your blog.) 
Nine people have their blogs up so far. Make this activity a priority this week, and familiarise yourself with the topics: Introduction  |  Assessments  |  What is Flexible Learning? - otherwise you will get too far behind.


  1. Bronwyn hegarty said...
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  2. Sarah Stewart said...

    Thank you for your kind introduction, Bron. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow :)

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