Note: there are two weeks for this topic.

One of the reasons for introducing more flexibility into teaching and learning is so that all students, regardless of their diversity, have an equal chance to learn. Consider how to provide inclusive access to course materials, learning activities, class interactions, and assessments. Learning styles and preferences are just one aspect to consider. Cultural sensitivity is an understanding of the way in which cultural factors and practices shape and influence the way people behave and learn. Read more on the wiki.

Activity Four –Define and describe the concepts of Access & Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity in your professional context. You have two weeks for this topic.
  • Explore the meaning of Universal Design and inclusiveness in learning.
  • Universal Design for Learning: A framework for access and equity. This includes a range of learning environments.
  • Describe an example of inclusive teaching.
  • What are some issues for access and equity in your classes?
  • Provide a definition for access & equity, diversity & inclusivity relevant to your professional context.
  • Explain what your learners will need to access the learning environment you plan to create.
  • Post responses to your blog.
  See the readings on the wiki.


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