This is a copy of this week's topic from the wiki.

Your Flexible Learning plan has been steadily developing as your post your responses to the activities to your blog. During this week you can use the template to check that you have included information about all the topics covered so far in the course.

Case Study
Look at Helen's plan for flexible learning. The video of the plan is very interesting and outlines lots of strategies.

Activity Six – Continue developing the Flexible Learning plan on your blog using the PDF_down.png template to guide you. A Rich Text version will be emailed to you.

  • Discuss your ideas for the plan with peers.
  • Record their feedback - a written summary, audio etc., and post this to your blog.
  • Reflect on the strengths of your plan so far.
  • Where are the gaps in your plan?
  • Set some goals for what you still need to do to develop your plan.


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