pïwakawaka (fantail) by SidPix
I chose this feisty little bird to help you organise your busy thoughts into a coherent plan for presenting to the class. Be sure and make contact with the lecturer and others in the class if you want to discuss your plan. The Moodle discussion forum is ideal for this. The next two weeks are designed for you to work on finalising your Flexible Learning plan. Please post a summary of this to your blog.  As part of this, be sure and gather up all the posts you have made so far about your plan and link to them in the summary blog post. You also need to choose a media format for the presentation, and prepare this for the miniconference on 22 June 10:00-12:30 in D317. Web conferencing facilities will be available if you are off site. You can post a media version of your presentation to your blog, either before or after you present. If you are unable to attend in person, you can beam in via Elluminate, or alert the class (via the Moodle discussion forum) to your presentation on your blog.

More details about how to prepare for the miniconference and assessment of your Flexible Learning plan can be found under the topic Mini-conference and Assessments.



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