Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Stewart and I am holding the fort while Bronwyn is away. You can contact me via EDC Thursday/Fridays, or email: sarah.stewart(at)op.ac.nz

If you're interested, here is my blog that I set up when I started the GCTLT in 2007 and have maintained ever since: http://sarah-stewart.blogspot.co.nz

Featured Blogs
We have had a few more people set up their blogs. Maari has introduced herself as a creative writing teacher which immediately makes me wonder how she'll find blogging with the creative writing skills she has. Maria is a very busy person, not only doing this course and teaching but also doing her PhD. It will be very interesting hearing from her about teaching at Otago University and picking up different ways of doing things compared to Otago Polytechnic.

What is flexible learning and teaching?
Helen has had an interesting chat with Nick about their perceptions of flexible learning. The thing that struck me was that even within a flexible framework there has to be parameters. The question that leaves me is who and what sets those parameters? Joan believes that in order to be flexible it is very important to know her students well - their learning needs and how they learn. She has also linked to a new online communication tool called Pintrest, which is an online pin board - great fun for students.

Procrastination and other things
Annette reflected on procrastination which made me reflect on how we manage this, both as teachers and learners, in a flexible framework? Sarah maintains that an important element of flexibility is ensuring that students have a safe, welcoming and accessible environment to work in. I loved Jayne's latest post in which she listed the number of flexible changes she already is incorporating into her teaching practice.

Commenting on each other's blogs
There are a couple of you who have set blogs up but haven't been added to the blog roll here, and it looks like I cannot do that. So, please ask Bronwyn to add you when she returns. In the meantime, can you all make a concerted effort to check out and comment on each other's blogs, either via the blog roll here or the forum on Moodle.

When you join in discussions on other blogs you learn from each other and enhance each other's learning experiences. You have to necessarily comment on every blog, every week, but I would recommend that you set yourselves a target of joining a conversation on two or three different blogs every week. And don't forget to subscribe to the comments so you can track conversations.

Next week's online class
I will be joining you for a web conference on Tuesday 20th March at 1pm, and we'll be thinking about trends and examples of flexible learning. I'll look forward to meeting you in this adobe connect room: https://adobeconnect.op.ac.nz/fl12


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