Building a scaffold for future learning - Gilly Salmon by bronwynannh
I took this picture as the artist drew it during Gilly Salmon's keynote at the 2011 Ascilite conference. It is a good way to set the scene for the Flexible Learning course.

Hopefully you are able to attend one of the initial workshops. Wednesday 7 March -13:00 to 14:00 - web conference:  Adobe Connect, OR  on Thursday 8 March - 13:00 to 15:00 - in H606 on-campus. The activity this week is designed to help us get to know each other even if you can't make it to class.  I will also post to my blog to introduce myself.

Activity One: Set up a blog and introduce yourself.

  • Tell the class something about you as a person, where you work and your goals for this course.
  • Describe the reasons you are using, or need to introduce a Flexible Learning approach in your workplace.
  • Post to your blog.
  • Subscribe by email to the Course blog, and add yourself as a follower.
  • Access the Moodle discussion forum and add the link to your blog.
Full instructions for this week are in the Introduction.


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