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Apologies if you have already looked at the activity for this week but I have decided to change it and make it more user friendly and relevant to flexible learning - believe it or not.

The tertiary education sector is highly competitive, and now that funding is shrinking even further organisations are scrabbling for a slice of the pie. Is Flexible Learning the answer? How does this fit with the Tertiary Education Strategy for New Zealand?
In this topic we will explore and justify some approaches to providing flexible learning environments for adult learners in the tertiary sector.

Activity Twelve

  • Explore the Tertiary Education Strategy for New Zealand (TES for NZ).
  • How do your ideas for flexible learning, and those of your organisation or consultancy fit (or not) with the TES for NZ?
  • What do you need to include in your plan to fit with the TES for NZ?
  • Post a response to your blog. 
A list of resources is provided on the wiki for you to delve into at your leisure.


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