Māhoe or whitey-wood (New Zealand native) By Tatters:)

Fee in her post about Sustainable Flexible Learning has made some interesting connections to the sustainable practice of using "mentorship and professional supervision" for midwives in the community. She also wishes to explore: " ... the benefits of formalised support networks as part of employment conditions".  Can you help her with some ideas about how being part of a support network in her role could help her to be a more sustainable practitioner? Fee also has some wonderful stories to share in her post about culture. Do you have any suggestions for improving the numbers of Maori students accessing midwifery, and what might be the barriers for them?

Helen G describes Honey & Mumford's adult learning theory - I wonder is anyone else using this? She has also posted about technologies and has linked to two examples of some resources she is experimenting with creating using the visualizer and adobe connect as a screen capture method. She would welcome feedback I am sure.

Jayne's plan is coming together nicely in her most recent post. See what you think of her ideas for introducing more flexibility.

Nick in his post about sustainability has discussed some of the factors that are impacting on engagement in the project-based learning he is facilitating. In the technologies for learning post, Nick describes a strategy used to create videos of skills so students can review them in class on ipads to check their technique Do you agree with my suggestions to enhance accessibility?

Helen B has some wonderful ideas, on her technologies for learning post, for teaching induction for anaesthesia with veterinary nursing students. See if you can also suggest other ideas. Her post about sustainability is fabulous and really brings out attention to issues around individual sustainability as well as global approaches. Helen's success story with a student is well worth a read on her post about indigenous learners.

Cat impassionately describes her reasons for choosing an humanistic learning theory to underpin her teaching approaches. It is a wonderful post about humanistic learning theory. Cat has described, in her post for Activity Nine, how she intends to  create resources using TED ed. See if you agree with my response and suggestions for developing digital information literacy in students and teachers. Cat also offers her ideas for strategies to be sustainable in the post for Activity 10.

Annette has come up with some creative strategies for providing supervision to third year students on her Strategies for flexible learning post. Can you assist her with some feedback? In her OER post, the dilemma about where the money for free education comes from has surfaced. It would be great to hear your views on this. Annette reminds us on her Sustainability post, about "the concept of paideia...that the goal of education is more about the person than mastering the subject".  Annette also makes some valid points about indigenous learners in a later post.

Lisa S has created an interesting list of strategies for teaching propagation in horticulture. See if you think my suggestions are too way out there. In the post about the Tertiary Education Strategy, Lisa has pushed my buttons -  her impassioned discussion about the strategy is excellent reading.She also asks - What is all the fuss? - about Open education practices. Do you agree with Lisa?


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