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Well done those of you who have finished the assessments in the course. I am steadily working my way through checking assessment one (strategies) and your learning portfolios (assessment two) and will be in touch next week. The beauty of this type of assessment is that if you have consistently done the activities, then the portfolio will have developed steadily over the course. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts, and the range of perspectives is very interesting.

Here are some examples from people who are either finished or nearing the finish line. Kevin has discussed the idea of games and blogs with automotive students, Bridget is looking at Lino-it for midwifery students, Lorraine is exploring simulations with nursing students, Jacqueline has done an interesting comparison with OP courses and Art and Therapy where she teaches and discussed solutions. Nathan is using ePortfolios and intending to use mobile apps to support students with learning vocabulary. Emma is investigating open education resources for midwifery students and Deb is planning for ePortfolios and creative reflection in midwifery.

The rest of you can keep chugging along over semester two. We will have a new intake joining us shortly so the next lot of posts will be guiding them through the topics. I will also be referring to semester one peoples' work as well - you will soon see who is starting when their blogs appear in the list. You can find the original posts made in Semester one - in the archive to the right.


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