Bronwyn and I have been hammering away at the plan for the Designing for Flexible Learning course. We have done up a course outline and plan using writely - which has been really useful for synchonously editing the document, and I'd say has made this step in the process very efficient.

I am now drafting up a welcome email to be sent out through the egroup. I have also set up a course facilitator's log specifically for the course to help with communication and course promotion. I have also made initial steps towards opening the course for outside participation, such as the blog, open publishing of materials, and public eGroup. I think we will need more people participating in the online discussions to make them effective and engaginig. Offering some of the course freely and openly (up to the point of assessment and creditation) could be a good way to get feedback, promote the course, and potentially increase fee paying participation if RPL processing and mapping to other quals can be achieved and result in assessment and creditation.


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