So we used a trial version of Elluminate to talk online about the development of learning logs for the Designing for Flexible Learning Practice course. We talked about blogs, and other free and easy web based tools for creating and publishing content.

audio recording not available

Links to some of the things we talked about:

  1. Leigh's work blog - an example of a learning journal
  2. Gliffy diagrams tool - a free web based, and great fun tool for creating flow chart and mind map diagrams
  3. Metal Ed Blog - a new blog that will document a group of metal work teachers producing skills videos
  4. Cmaps - a free and open source desktop application for concept mapping
  5. Myomi - free and web based concept mapping
  6. Leigh's bloglines newsreader - where Leigh gets all his info from
  7. Networked Learning workshops - EDC workshops of these tools
  8. Youtube videos and screenrecordings - videos that demonstrate how to do stuff on the Internet
  9. Camstudio - free screen recording software
  10. Australian Flexible Learning Framework - good site to find resources
  11. Audacity - a free audio recorder
  12. Open Office - a free alternative to Microsoft Office
  13. Lulu - a way to produce printed and bound text books for free, and distribute for free, and receive royalties.

Also the Kete eLearning Toolbox. The Kete is designed to introduce teaching staff to e-Learning so they can think about how they might use e-Learning for teaching and learning in their organisation. There is some good stuff about designing for eLearning.


  1. bronwyn said...

    I really liked the way this session ran so that the use of the tools was integrated with showing participants some new tools and software for learning and teaching as part of a web tour.

    We modelled the use of the tools as a secondary activity which was more intuitive rather than step by step - this is how you do this with this unusual software - Elluminate. This is how you use this sort of thing focuses too much on using the software and is not as interesting as playing around and exploring other material and learning about the software without realising it.

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