In the class on Wednesday we mentioned that we wanted to offer you a weekly time slot so you can get help with some of the technologies you will need to complete the assessments. We also offered to show people how to use some of the software, web facilities and technologies as things come up in the course. Remember these sessions are optional and if you can't make them it is no bigee, but do let us know if you would like an alternative time and/or individual assistance.

The first technology "byte" session is on Wednesday 21 February in H201 from 11 00 to 13 00 - this is a "rolling" session meaning that you can drop in and out as it suits you.

Technology Then & Now by Ilovebutter

Leigh and I will be on hand to help anyone who would like assistance setting up their account and to set up a weblog. This will help you to get going on assignments 1 and 2.

We can also go over accessing the course and editing it on Wikiversity, and show people how to access the voice over software caled Skype which we were using with the Cromwell participants. Of course if you have other things you would like help with such as accessing the course on Blackboard, we can go over that as well.


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