Are we asleep at the wheel? Is it a case the blind leading the blind? Is our system broke? Here are a few stiring videos relating to information and communications technology (ICT or media). Remember, this technology is not the be all and end all to flexible learning, but safe to say that information and communication is what we do in the education sector, so the technology that affects that aspect of our culture is something we should be aware of and reasonably skilled with.

Help note: If you are at a Polytech computer and having trouble watching these videos, you will need to install Java and Flash on your computer. To install Java look down the bottom of the window and see a tab called "Novell.." open it and then the "corporate folder" within and find the "SUN Java" installation file. Double click it and you're good. To get Flash - just follow the prompts on the video.

1. Web 2.0... The machine is Us/ing Us

2. EPIC 2014

3. Did you know?


  1. Anonymous said...

    The web 2.0 video is up a positive and optimistic view of a developing web.It was produced in a well thought out nature.

    I think the sci fi Epic 2014 is an attempt to grab hold of weak minds and lead them towards a hollywood script. You can see Arnold Swartzanegger shooting down humans as a machine terminator so computers can take over the world

  2. Leigh Blackall said...

    Strong words there anonymous. I'm glad you apreciated the first one at least. EPIC2014 has certianly grabbed many minds - though I'm not sure they are weak minds, I'm not sure I know what a weak mind is - but I think I get your point - something like melodramatic, almost politainment following Hollywood story telling formula. Did you manage to watch the third one? I expect you'll have a similar response though.

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