The weekly items on the calendar are a GUIDE!!

They are not compulsory, and are intended for you to do at your own pace, as suggestions only to help you explore flexbile learning and what it all means. The assessment remains the same as follows:
  1. blog - learning journal online
  2. teaching resource - a media development of your choosing
  3. resource list -
  4. flexible learning design/development plan
The weekly calendar items are offered as some sort of guidance to those who feel they need direction and structure to keep on task. If you feel that these weekly tasks are too much, skip a week (or 2) and come back to it when you can. If you can think of an alternative that you think helps YOU, by all means do that and share it with us :)

I hope that clarifies any misunderstanding of the expectations in this course.

Thanks Dave for the heads up.


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