Well, what a surprise I had tonight. I'm sitting here enduring Alien v's Predator on TV with ads :( and casually reading through my newsreader when I came to the DFLP folder! Although there were only a few new posts by DFLP participants this week, they're good'ns.

Looking at the calendar I can see that this week we are each interviewing someone about flexible learning. It could be someone you know who knows a bit about it, a student perhaps, a librarian, an industry rep for the sector you offer training for, anyone you think would have an interesting perspective.

It would be nice to see people audio recording an interview and linking it into their blogs. Terry Marler is good at helping people to record audio. Make sure you contact him if you need some guidance. You'll need somewhere to put your audio when its done. Here are some free options:
  1. http://ourmedia.org
  2. http://odeo.com
  3. http://podomatic.com
See how you go. Make contact if you need help.

If you can see a use for audio in your work, you may be interested in podcasting.
  1. Here's a pretty simple tutorial.
  2. Here's some multi directional advice.
  3. And here's an all you need to know tutorial for those who know they want podcasting!


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