Bibiana found time to get some help with setting up her blog this morning, and she's flying with it! 3 Posts already, one even has a video in there! And to think only 1 hour before she had no idea what a blog was! I think we might have our first budding video blogger :)

To see a full list of all the DFLP participant blogs:

As you can see, we have quite a few blogs created, but many still need some love'n. Maybe your not much of a text person, try adding pictures, audio or even video! Its easy... :) ask Bibiana.

Our collaborative bookmarking exercise with coming along, with some particularly interesting contributions from Dave McQuillin 6 days ago. Thanks Dave :) I found the wiredinstructor article that looks at technology and learning styles quite interesting.

What we should be doing now

By now everyone should have a blog and a bookmarking account set up, and at least an introduction of who they are, what they do and all that.

Recently Otago Polytechnic people should have received a photocopy of an article in the internal mail system: Chapter 1 of the book, Flexible Learning in a digital world by Betty Collis and Jef Moonen.

(Please note: That lilnk is to an Amazon sale page. It is intended as information to help you locate the book in a library, not as encouragement to buy the book. Sadly, the chapter is proving difficult to find in a digital version :( any help locating it would be much appreciated.)

Our task is to read that article (or another of your choosing) and write a response to our blogs. Response should include:

  1. A brief summary of the main point of the article
  2. If you see an argument, please state your position
  3. What challenges can you see
  4. And finally, what initial ideas do you have for introducing flexibility into your course

Please aim to get this done over the next week. I haven't done it yet either - so we're all dragging our feet on this one...

Remember, if you need help just ask. Perhaps write it up in a word processor first if this blog stuff freaks you out. Then contact your facilitators for help in getting it on your blog.

Good luck, and stay in touch. We're all only an email or phone call away.


  1. Dave said...

    I've found an online version of Flexible Learning in a digital world. Try the following link.

  2. Dave said...

    Just noticed you can't actually read the URL, so alternatively go to & search for the title.

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