It seems that we have a number of people trying very hard to set up blogs, but the intricacies of the Google and Blogger relationship are getting in the way. I know of one person who was reduced to blogging in a service which had a mall! - Cooee or something like that was the name of the service.

I am impressed at the perserverance you are all showing in getting your blogs going. Word Press now seems to be the favourite choice for setting up a blog. If you are still battling, do make a time to come and see one of us to set up your blog - in the meantime start recording your thoughts elsewhere - they can be added later.

I was in Sydney over the weekend at the University of Wollongong, talking to some Masters of Education students about using the three step reflective framework. We had a practice run using it - I got them to write about something significant which happened during a holiday, and later to write down their goals for the course and what they hoped to get out of it for their work.

Interestingly enough but not surprising, the group found the first step (dear diary writing) relatively easy once they had decided on what sort of experience to write about. The second and third steps (analysis and actions) were the hardest. That is when the real reflection begins.

They have to use the framework to write four reflections in their course. Their course involves designing and creating multimedia resources for teaching, not just planning for them, and they have to record the whole process, and reflect on it. I have a template for recording using the reflective framework which I would like to share with you. If you use it as a guide when writing for your blog - you can fill it in and then copy it over to your blog. Once you get the hang of it you could record the three steps directly on to your blog.

I will post the template on the course in Blackboard and email you to let you all know when it is available. I will set you a small task using the framework, one which aligns with the tasks you have already been set, and post this on the calendar and on here and on Blackboard with a link to the Discussion Forum - I would like you to post your attempt at using the framework there.


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