A good range of responses have come in from Designing for Flexible Learning Practice participants to the question of what is flexible learning, and responding to chapter 1 of Flexible learning in a digital world.

Dave 1 writes an entertaining ramble on the issues, and Sheryll makes a good point about the Community Learning Centre's being very flexible already. Rachel and Dave2 did a great job in finding a digital version of the article on GoogleBooks (now there's an interesting Google project to look into!), where as I gave up searching and went ahead and broke copyright by scanning it to PDF and uploading the article to my blog.

Take a look at the calendar. As you can see, this week's task (should we choose to take it) is to read other DFLP participant blog posts (see below) and make comment on at least one of them in our own blogs.

  1. Rachel: Flexible learning in a digital world
  2. Dave1: Flexiblelearning in a digital world
  3. Dave2: Dimensions of learning flexibility, Flexibility within pedagogical categories, and Acquisition or participation
  4. Sheryll: What is Flexible Learning????
  5. Leigh: What is Flexible Learning
The purpose of this week's activity should help us to develop a dialogue with each other through our blogs. We can use this dialogue to focus more on the meaning of flexible learning but this time in the context of our teaching work and the tangents this will lead to.


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