Some of us will have noticed that another face to face meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 13 June, 9am (GMT+12) in H608 of the 4th St Campus to discuss preparations and ideas for your flexible learning development plans. (See the calendar on the DFLP course blog).

I have a feeling that this may be too soon for most, and that those who have decided to extend their participation in the DFLP course may like to skip this meeting for another time.

Those who have not extended their participation and would like to charge on with developing a plan, can they please indicate through the email list if they would prefer to have that meeting later. If we get a majority indicating that they would prefer to meet later, we will move the time.

In the meeting we had planned to share ideas some more, and to have an EDC Programme Developer talk about the process for planning and applying for flexible learning development funds in Otago Polytechnic.


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