Hello all
It looks like we have a majority of people wishing to change the face-to-face session from wed 13 June 9-1200 and 1-4pm.

The new time and date for our next face-to-face session is Friday 15 June 10-1200.

it will probably be H608 so come there. We will be discussing organisational strategies which you need to consider in your design plans, and your ideas for your plans. We will use most of the session to talk through you ideas - so if you have some bring them, if not we can help. It would be good if you could post your ideas on your blog beforehand. A little bird told me that Jacquie would like some feedback on hers which is on her blog.

If you are unable to come to the Friday session or are not ready to discuss your ideas for your plan yet - please let us know by reply to the group email. For those of you taking the course over one semester, remember the assessments are all due 22 June - you can request an extension but bear in mind all results do need to be entered at the end of July.
For those of you taking the course over the two semesters, we will organise another face-to-face session in a month or so. If not coming Friday, please let us know when you would like to meet to discuss your design plan and other assessments. For those needing to finish this semester it will need to be next week so you can get finished in time.


  1. matt thompson said...

    I would like an extension to the assessment hand in date. I will need a bit more time than July though. Remember it is all about flexibility

    Matt Thompson

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