What an active week! There were 17 new posts from many of the participants, and a noticeable increase in cross referencing each other which is evidence that some people are taking the time to read the blogs of others in the course. Great to see - extra marks for you ;) Review the assignment 1 guidelines for your weekly blogging.

This week, for those who are keeping up with the schedule, we were looking at Planning for Flexible Learning. Its not a concern if you are not keeping up by the way, I noticed that quite a few people have been hanging back a week or two. That's A-OK, as this is an asynchronous course. The schedule is a guide and pace setter for those that need something to set their pace.

Carolyn over at FLED has been keeping up with the schedule and is proving herself a leader in the course. Carolyn has been consistently going the extra mile these past 7 weeks by not only posting a response the weekly readings, but commenting on other people's blogs and researching a wide range of related areas as well. I particularly like the choice in images to illustrate her posts and its pleasing to see a professional handling of copyright for those images.

As with all things, you get back what you put in. But now days with the likes of blogging and generous people like Carolyn, we also get back what she puts in. Many thanks Carolyn for your considerations of open access education, and your initial ideas for your development plan. I think you are right to keep it small scale - personally I am holding out hope that you will find a way to develop and trial an open access course and get Midwifery on the list of Otago Polytechnic open access courses under development.

Alli at Polytech has also been keeping up with the schedule and this week posted briefly for week 6 and extensively for week 7. Clearly Alli is keen to get on with things and has the finishing stages of a plan up, including budget and timeline. As it is now, it might appear that Alli has finished assignment 3 and now only needs to do the presentation for assignment 2. What do others think? Has Alli missed any issues or considerations in her plan? It would be great to see some feedback going her way - doing so might help you to think about your own plans.

Raewyn busy mum of 4 has done some serious catching up this week with 5 posts to her blog. Raewyn has most recently posted an excellent look into the history of Otago Polytechnic and a reference and further consideration of Susan and Bronwyn's thought provoking discussion last week on Susan's blog. It looks as though Raewyn has mastered hyperlink referencing perfectly! Further posts on distance and correspondence with some very useful insights into what she is facing as she considers flexible learning in her field - I'm sure we can all relate to her story. Over all Raewyn has posted some excellent reflections on the topics swirling around her, I'd recommend those of us who have already moved past the earlier weeks, to check out Raewyn's catch up posts and consider some of the unique perspectives she is bringing to the forum.

Michelle is back on the scene with a catch up on week 5 and 6. I was relieved to see Michelle back in there. A silent spell after we disagreed about student debt and lifestyle had me worried that she was pulling the pin :) But as always Michelle comes back with further considerations useful to us all. Michelle's more recent post wonders how educational institutions might pay their way by making content open.. I wonder if OTPenK and Michelle should be putting their heads together?

OTPenK has connected the dots with her post for week 6 on open and networked learning, relating to possibilities with services like Recognition of Prior Learning. OTPenK posts the question:

If a person completes an online course (for free and without completing the assessments) and then applies for an assessment of prior learning at a different institution (and I assume pay for that) could they possibly get a qualification from that institution?
And that is a significant question! I wonder what other's thoughts are on this scenario? We only a matter of a few short years away from this situation coming true. It could possibly change many things and generate many new possibilities for educational practitioners and the people that go to see them for education.

And last but not least is Chef's (Dunedin) post for week 6 which draws in a reference to the Declaration of Human Rights in relation to open access to learning opportunities. Its great to see this often neglected perspective coming in to the discussion, and I wonder how it might relate to the unacceptable situation facing New Zealanders who might be considering an education. (Chef, it would be great to see you making hyperlinks to the things you are referring to).

So great job everyone who posted this week. That now formally ends week 7. Everyone, try to find some time to read each other's blogs and leave a short comment on each. Even a short "I was here" comment can be enough to pick up the stragglers and get them engaging.


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