You may wish to listen to this recording of Willie Campbell and others talking about the practice of assessing prior learning and how it is being used for more flexibility in the education process at Otago Polytechnic. Note that the recording is of an Elluminate web conference. Audio only will be available soon.

Week 7

As with any design, good planning is key to its success. In planning for flexible learning, obviously we start with an idea. To check that the idea is sound, we take it through a number of checks and balances. Is the idea based on a need? What resources will the idea need? How sustainable can the idea be?

To do

1. Identify a course or unit in your organisation where you think you could introduce flexible learning opportunities to do either or both of the following:

  • reach potential students/clients;
  • enhance learning experiences for existing students/clients.

2. On your blog note down some ideas and seek feedback from your colleagues, classmates and course facilitators; this is an initial investigation for preparing a presentation (assignment 2) and plan (assignment 3) for developing flexible learning in your own context.

  • Include in your blog post some references to examples which you can use as a basis or model for your ideas.
  • Don't forget to ask other participants and the course facilitators for some ideas and assistance.

3. Familiarise yourself with the guidelines for Assignment Two: Presentation of initial flexible learning plan, in particular the suggestions for methods you can use to present your plan.

  • Jot down ideas on your blog about the method you may use for your presentation.

extra resources


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