At 2pm today we had a successful panel discussion about flexible learning, with 10 people joining in online, and at least 3 face to face in teh classroom. As usual the discussion was recorded for those who couldn't make it:

Thanks to the panel members for agreeing to lead the discussions, and thanks to all those who participated:
  1. Mark Nichols - e-learning specialist with Laidlaw College, and a member of the DEANZ (Distance Education in New Zealand) executive. He was recognised as a Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand in 2005-2006. Mark has a lot to offer regarding open and distance and online learning.
  2. Robyn Jay - Learning and Teaching Portfolio Architect within IT Services at University of NSW.Robyn worked as an E-learning Innovations Coordinator for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
  3. Stephan Ridgway - An eLearning Coordinator for Workforce Development @ TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute. Stephan is responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of a wide range of online resources, delivering staff professional development and providing support for teaching & learning online.


  1. Bronwyn hegarty said...

    Many thanks to the panel for your time and for providing a lively discussion.

    There were eight people in the face-to-face part of the session including a facilitator, one member of the alumni and some of the 2009 class. One of the class who tried to connect from a distance could not get in unfortunately.

    There was some good discussion and also comments from the f2f class participants. The technology did make it a bit tricky to ask questions, however, the facility for "putting up a hand" was helpful to get ourselves heard. But we were reluctant to interrupt the flow of conversation so it felt a little exclusive to those who had individual control of the conference.

    I do not feel that we really had a good look at some basic examples of flexible learning relevant to beginning flexible learning practitioners. A couple of the class put forward some good examples.

    However, because of the advanced experience of the panel, what we ended up with was a philosophical discussion about flexible learning rather than actual practical examples.

    Open content and recognition of prior learning were mentioned, but I came away feeling as if we needed to hear about more concrete examples.

    I will have to have another listen to the session - I was probably too busy worrying about making sure the technology worked to take it all in. On reflection, I should have spent more time at the end with the f2f participants discussing examples, but people had to get away. Still it was worthwhile so people could experience Elluminate web conferencing in a supported environment. Meantime I am wondering where all my hair has gone! :)

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