We're seeing some steady progress with the new course participants getting comfy with using their blogs, with some great work being done already. Hats off to Jenny Rudd for some outstanding work so far. Not to set the standard or anything, just acknowledging work above and beyond the expectation levels of this course. Thanks Jen.

Now that many of us appear to be ready to role, it must be time we got cracking with the course proper.

Its time we started looking at examples of flexible learning.. we will spend 20 April to 10 May looking at these.

On 30 April we had a panel discussion about flexible learning. As usual the discussion was recorded for those who couldn't make it:

Thanks to the panel members for agreeing to lead the discussions:
  1. Mark Nichols - e-learning specialist with Laidlaw College, and a member of the DEANZ (Distance Education in New Zealand) executive. He was recognised as a Flexible Learning Leader in New Zealand in 2005-2006. Mark has a lot to offer regarding open and distance and online learning.
  2. Robyn Jay - Learning and Teaching Portfolio Architect within IT Services at University of NSW.Robyn worked as an E-learning Innovations Coordinator for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.
  3. Stephan Ridgway - An eLearning Coordinator for Workforce Development @ TAFE NSW - Sydney Institute. Stephan is responsible for the development, maintenance and delivery of a wide range of online resources, delivering staff professional development and providing support for teaching & learning online.


  1. Mike Bogle said...

    That was a very informative Elluminate session. Thanks for letting my sit in!

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