Six of us spent a very enjoyable hour and a bit talking about our experiences with flexible learning. Even the people without mics contributed a lot. It was great to hear about Tony's team and their work with video and how it is expanding into automotive engineering and sports with their help. Their programme website with lots of neat recipes and videos is at: And there is a degree in cookery on the way.

Helen mentioned her work as a nanny and ski instructor and Sarah talked about her portfolio approaches and e-mentoring project and professional development. Cyndy texted some interesting assessment and learning approaches. I found the session stimulated me to speak about my past learning experiences.There is more on the recording of the session - and apologies for missing the beginning where I talked about the Diploma of Teaching I studied. We also had a discussion about the merits of learning without a qualification attached to it and much more.


  1. tracey nash said...

    enjoyed the discussion on thursday.
    liked the the comment about flexible learning Not being e-learning and Tony saying that the fabulous video resources they have made are for reference and he still wants to see students in his kitchens.
    this course is opening my eyes to the fact that teaching should be a blend of all resorces available.

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