Hi All, just a quick note to say that some people in the email forum (optional participation there) have penciled in an online meeting time on Elluminate THIS Thursday evening 14 May, at 8pm NZ time (+12 UTC). This meeting is informal and being arranged by course participants for those who would like to interact with others in the course. Watch this space for possible time changes, but at this point it is 8pm Thursday.

Click this link to open the Elluminate meeting room about 20 minutes prior to the start time - just to be sure your computer is set up and ready to role. Do access the Student Service Desk for technical computing assistance, e.g., Elluminate (computer conferencing) is available from Otago Polytechnic by phone and email.

  • Phone: 0800 765 948
  • Email: itss@tekotago.ac.nz
Ensure you tell them your name, lecturer's name, name of the course, and a brief description of the problem. They may ask for your username as well.

On the night if you have no joy with the Student Service Desk you can text Bronwyn - 021 735 438.


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