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Over the next two weeks
- 22 June to 5 July 2009 - for assignment 2, you will need to prepare an online presentation using multimedia of your choice. Your presentation could be a Youtube video, an audio recording, or it could be a slide presentation on Slideshare or Myplick. This is preparation for the mini-conference on 3 July 12.00-15.00 NZST in G201/G203 at Otago Polytechnic and on Elluminate. If you cannot make the miniconference, do try and listen to the recording of the event and give feedback to your class.

To do

1. Prepare a presentation that outlines your idea for developing flexible learning. In it refer to some things you have learned in this course, and importantly, use your presentation as an opportunity to clearly explain your idea. Check out the Assignment Two guidelines and criteria. Think of the plan as "selling" the benefits of your idea to someone who needs convincing. Your boss, your potential students, a funding agent. As a suggested starting structure:
  • Background information that led you to your thinking;
  • Blow by blow, what is it you plan to do?
  • A day in the life of students who will get to enjoy the flexibility of your course - remember to include considerations such as access and equity, sustainability and cultural sensitivity;
  • What do you need? Where will you get it from?
2. Publish your presentation online and embed it into your blog.
3. Give feedback to at least three other participants who have published their presentations to their blogs.
What to do with feedback you get on your plan

Once you get feedback on your plan, make sure you write this up on your blog and describe how your plan may have changed as a result. Remember if you wish to illustrate or confirm key points about your plan which others may query, you can link to previous posts you have made on any of the topics. For example, if someone says "but what about sustainability considerations", and you know you have already written a post about this, then you can link to the post. However you may still have to explain how the sustainability issues you previously wrote about relate to your plan as it is now. (The date the post was made is a permalink and by right clicking on this - if using a PC - you can copy it.) If in doubt please ask for help.


  1. JennyMR said...

    Hi Bronwyn and Leigh

    Following the task of looking at past participants plans I'm feeling a little confused about Assessment 2 requirements. Did 2008 group have different Assessment criteria or were people doing joint presentations with Terry's paper? There is some quite specific marking criteria that we don't have - Will you be using any marking criteria other than what is on our assignment outlines. I didn't get the impression that you were looking for a business plan model with budget and timeframes and executive summaries but many of the past plans I have viewed seem to have these aspects. Can you please clarify for me.

    Also regarding assessment 1 you have outlined minimum required posts. Are we supposed to name our posts as you have done or are you just looking for the content?


  2. Leigh Blackall said...

    Well spotted Jenny, yes the assessment criteria for the last group was different. Following feedback we adjusted the assessment to what you have now (simpler). SO focus on the Criteria you have and refer to past participant's work merely for ideas.

    As for blog posting, it makes it much easier for assessors if you do name your blog posts the same as the topics in the schedule. Equally, you'll save assessors work if you posted once for each topic, rather than mix content around and ask them to find it. Also, if you post per the topic names, it makes it easier for others in your course now to locate what it is you have done for the topic.

  3. Trey said...

    Thanks for the useful info.

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