This is where you complete assignment 1 - bringing together all the topics you have blogged about so far, and formulating your idea for developing flexible learning in your course. The notes you make to your blog, and the feedback you manage to gather, will help you prepare your presentation (assignment 2 of this course).

Estimated time: two weeks - 8 to 21 June 2009.

To do

1. Write to your blog, an outline for an idea you might have, or if you don't yet have an idea - post your thoughts in an open question type of way covering each of these areas:
  1. What is your idea for flexible learning?
  2. What examples of Flexible Learning does your idea draw on?
  3. How does your flexible learning plan fit with an educational organisation's strategic directions?
  4. What are the considerations, risks, concerns that you will need to resolve before you can implement your plan for flexible learning
2. Send a link to your post to the course email forum
3. Leave comments, feedback or suggestions to at least three other particpant's ideas.

Extra resources


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