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At this stage you will, hopefully, have written your story about a student who needs increased flexibility to be able to study. I am looking forward to being entertained when reading them on your blogs. You should also be starting to form some ideas about what flexible learning actually is, both in your context and in general.

Weekly sessions on a Wednesday 1200-1300 continue until further notice. We are now in H614 (on-campus) and online via the web-conferencing meeting link (Elluminate).

What's on
This week and over the period three weeks - 24 August to 13 September 2009 - we are looking at some Examples of flexible learning. There are several things to look at on the To Do list: The article by Precel et al (2009) (your can read or listen) about the design of blended learning, and the video clip by Hazel Owen about programme design, as well as Willie Campbell talking about Recognition of Prior Learning examples are all well worth a look.

It would be great to hear about some examples you are investigating or know about in your teaching discipline. Your task for writing to your blog on this topic includes your notes from your exploration of the topic and your responses to the following questions:

  • What ideas have struck you?
  • What things interest you most?
  • What are your concerns and problems - and what do you think the solutions to those might be?
You may wish to return to the story you wrote previously, and add some further solutions which will help the person to study more flexibly.

Its often a good idea to browse around what other people in the course have written and leave them some feedback - this can be very motivating. Try to reference the things you talk about with hyperlinks.


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