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I thought this pic was a great illustration to represent the topic were are investigating this week - What is flexible learning? Yay, there are now five people with blogs up and running - Adain, Helen, John, Katy and Steven - links below. It will be good to see some of you giving each other encouragement and posting your ideas from the orientation exercise on your blogs this week. Also posting your initial thoughts about flexible learning from the chapter you are reading, and the short story about one of your students. Remember to check out the course schedule for this topic to see exactly what you need to do.

Setting yourself up on the group email
Remember a couple of people can only communicate via the group email so make sure you join - subscribe on the Participate page by adding your email address to the box - Subscribe to flexible learning practitioners email forum. I am going to start using only this group email for all notices from the end of this week. You can still email me at my tekotago email if you have any private questions or comments.

Interactive sessions coming up this week
Discussion about flexible learning and an experiential session on how to write effectively for a blog in this course - will be the subject for the face-to-face (19 August) and online meetings (19 August).

Regular meetings

  • Face-to-face - weekly on Wednesdays 1200-1300 in H208A - a web-conference link will be set up as well using the web conference (Elluminate) meeting link used for the course.
  • Online fortnightly - 19 August 1930-2030 .
Here is the list of blogs to date (taken from the participate page). If you are still to add your blog URL, please add to the comments section of the Participate page on the course blog.


Go well.


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