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It is excellent to see some people's blogs up and running. Chocolate fish to John and Katy who have activated their blogs. Julie and Vili are joining this class and will be corresponding on email rather than on a blog. Nigel is going to be studying from Tonga using mainly email and is taking resources on a CDROM. Connection to the Internet is expensive and unreliable. A good example of how we need to consider Access and equity - a topic coming up later on in the course.

So it would be great if everyone could join the Flexible Learning email Group - just add your email to the subscribe box on the Flexible learning Blog participate section - you will need to scroll down. That way Nigel can communicate with you all and send out his work on email; he will not be recording his learning using a blog.

What is on over the next while?

Library sessions - effective use of online databases and Google Scholar - Monday 10 August 11-12 and Thursday 13 August 9-10 - BG1 (back room ground floor) at the Bill Robertson library - 135 Union Street East, Dunedin.

Over the next two weeks we are looking at: What is flexible learning

The full To Do list is on the blog. In summary:

1. Reading - book chapter: Collis, B. & Moonen, J. (2001). Flexible learning: it's not just about distance. Let me know if this has not arrived.

2. Writing - On your blog, write a short story about a day in the life of someone who is considering doing your course. This person has a range of flexible learning needs. ...
3. Supporting - Leave a comment and/or suggestion on another participant's blog.
4. Attending - Attend workshops (optional): Face-to-face - weekly on Wednesdays 1200-1300 in H208A - an meeting link online web-conference link will be set up as well. Online fortnightly - 21 August 1930-2030 using the web conference (Elluminate) meeting link.

  • An experiential session on how to write effectively for a blog in this course - will be the subject for the face-to-face (19 August) and online meetings (21 August). This was previously offered in an online session in semester one and here is the recording.

Please use the email forum ( - you need to subscribe first - or the course blog to ask questions and to contribute to class discussions.


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