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This week we are exploring the meaning of the term flexible learning. We started looking at this in the first workshop and there were some very broad ideas about this. For example, during the brainstorm session people came up with: creative approaches (especially learner-based), getting away from traditional classroom approaches, learning together in agreed ways, access, alternate assessment, learning styles and so on.

There is a recording (60 mins) of the introductory online session.

Flexible learning can occur anywhere, anyhow, anyway...

To do this week
Your job this week is to see if you agree with the ideas on the course wiki - Flexible Learning Guidebook - and in the readings and contribute to the online discussion. A hard copy reading (Flexible learning its not just about distance) has been posted to people who did not get one at the onsite workshop. There is also an online reading and a reflection question.

If you were unable to attend the first workshop sessions, or enrolled recently, I have asked about your availability this week to attend a class session. You will get an email soon to confirm a day and time - please make sure you reply to my short email quiz.

Group email Discussion forum
In the meantime, make sure you introduce yourselves on the email Discussion forum - several people have done so already. We have people from a variety of different areas. Post to: And please contribute your ideas about flexible learning. The activities and links to material are all under the class wiki topic - What is flexible learning?.

Assessment due
The first assessment is due 19 February - this is your Learning Plan. It will not take you long to do but please make sure you request an extension if you cannot get anything to me by Friday - a draft will do if you cannot get the full version done. Remember though your Learning Plan is something you can keep adding to and changing as you progress in the course.

Next Scheduled Workshops

Date: February 25th - Examples of Flexible Learning

  • Onsite: 10:30-12:00 in D315 (D block on Harbour Terrace).
  • Online: 10:30-12:00 via web conferencing.

Date: 4 March - Examples of Flexible Learning - new date not on the Course Outline

  • Repeat session online: 19:00-20:30
Have a great week.


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