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It is great to see a flurry of activity on the email discussion about strategies. One of my jobs this week is to try and summarise the main points. If you are feeling a bit left behind, please make contact as soon as possible. I suggest you jump in and tackle the current topic so you can stay with the group. You can still go back and dip into the other topics. The semester break is also coming up after Easter and will be a good time to catch up on the stuff you haven't got to yet. We now have 22 people in the class and if you have not organised a buddy yet, please ask someone or request an introduction. I am happy to make the introductions. Your buddy is someone you can study with or bounce ideas off and may be good at keeping you on track.

This week we are starting the topic on access and equity, diversity and cultural sensitivity. Three weeks will be spent on this aspect of flexible learning. During this topic we will be looking at what you need to consider to ensure access to all learners. Plus factors of diversity (gender,socioeconomic, ethnicity, learning etc.) will be discussed. The topic includes an investigation of your learners’ preferences and abilities. I am still adding material to the wiki so if you come across something be sure and add it or let me know.

One of the reasons for introducing more flexibility into teaching and learning is so that all students have an equal chance to learn. You can find out more about this topic on the course wiki. Watch out for the term - Universal design. I would be interested to hear your definitions on the email discussion.

Discussion activity
The third discussion activity starts this week and is scheduled to finish by Easter. I expect it will probably run past then. Topic: Describe a situation where access & equity, diversity and cultural sensitivity need to be considered. Provide feedback and some possible solutions to at least one person. Send email posts to:

Remember the archives can be read at:


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